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Pink Bourbon Natural



Notes and Flavors: Bright subtle acidity, medium round body, notes of white tea, yellow fruits, floral jasmine, residual of tea and apple. These coffee beans attain cups that are pleasantly sweet, silky, balanced with delicate floral notes and yellow fruits.

Cupping Score: 87.5 points.


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Varietal: Arabic – Pink Bourbon Natural
Process: Natural (62-hour fermentation)
Cupping Score: 87.5 points.
Altitude: 1.950 M.A.S.L.
Origin: Huila – Acevedo. (Single Origin).
Coffee Farmer: William Hermida – Farm: Coffee Farmers Community
Roasting: Medium.

Specialty & Exotic Coffee PINK BOURBON NATURAL

It is a coffee that originates in the south of the Huila region (Acevedo village) at 1,950 meters above sea level, cultivated by mothers who are heads of households, hand in hand with Mr. William Hermida, has improved their creation over the years to produce coffee within the highest international standards, thus improving their quality of life.

The Pink Bourbon is a rare and sought-after discovery.

A hybrid between Red and Yellow Bourbon. This varietal stands out in every way, from the striking pink color of its coffee cherries to its beans’ delightful and complex flavor.
Even under ideal growing conditions, growing Pink Bourbon is quite a challenge. The cherries are manually floated, sorted, and stored in clean bags to rest overnight. The coffee cherries are pulped in the morning and fermented for approximately 62 hours before washing the grains in parchment and laying them out in a parabolic dryer. Parchment grain takes about 14-20 days to dry up. Given all these circumstances that must be fulfilled, successfully cultivating Pink Bourbon is quite a feat. But the result is worth it, a cup of an elegant profile, clean and balanced, with floral tones and extremely sweet. Only experienced coffee growers in Colombia accomplish these processes in restricted batches to secure exceptional quality and freshness.