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Practical Coffee Grinder



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Upgrade your home coffee setup with this easy-clean grinder that will make it easy to keep only the freshest beans.

Product Details
– ONE-TOUCH Operation.
– Lid-activated safety switch.
– Removable transparent lid.
– Integrated cord wrap.
– Non-skid feet
– BPA-free
– Warranty Available
– Imported

Product Specifications
– 4.92 in x 4.92 in x 7.48 in

Material & Care
– Polypropylene
– Stainless Steel Blades.
– Hand wash

We have 2 references for Coffee Grinders, all of them have the same function, only their exterior changes. while stocks last.

Coffee Grinding Tips.
Fresh beans will yield flavor and aroma.
– For Fresh, Flavorful coffee, grind only the amount of coffee needed for the pot you are brewing.
– ONLY use roasted coffee beans when operating this appliance.
– Grind your coffee based on the type of coffeemaker you use.
FINE GRIND: Exposes more surface to the water and rapidly extracts flavor. Good for standard coffeemakers and coffee capsule brewing.
COARSE GRIND: Exposes little surface and gradually extracts flavor during longer brewing cycles for percolators and French presses.