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Colombia Supremo



Notes and Flavors:   Medium – high-intensity acidity
You will taste a satisfying cup that combines perfectly with your breakfast, a completely balanced residual flavor, where you will discover sweet and bold notes of sweet chocolate, classic caramel, and hazelnuts.
The Colombia Supremo Variety will take you through the classic flavors of Colombian coffee. Full-bodied beans.


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Varietal: Arabic – Colombia Supremo
Process: Washed, 18 hours of fermentation.
Altitude: 1,750 (MASL) meters above sea level
Origin: Antioquia – Jardín (Single Origin).
Coffee Producer: Jorge Arango D – Coffee Community.
Roast: Medium – Dark

Single Origin Coffee

This Colombia Supremo Variety coffee is grown in the mountains of Jardín-Antioquia at 1,750 (MASL).      The Colombia Supremo variety was obtained from crossing the Caturra x Timor Hybrid variety, with high rust resistance and therefore does not require the application of fungicides that can harm the environment and increase the cost of production for farmers.
The Supreme name was given by coffee growers to the latest versions of the Colombia Variety, to highlight the large grain size it has, which is the result of the selection and incorporation of new lines with large and resistant grains.
Harvested, hand-selected, washed, and dried in the sun.

Fair Trade

This coffee, like all El Amigo Café coffees, comes directly from the coffee farms, directly purchased by the coffee-growing communities of the Jardín-Antioquia region, this fair trade helps the development of coffee growers and their families and comes as a direct investment to communities promoting education in the next generations, ensuring the progress of the region.


The coffee-growing communities of Jardín-Antioquia have implemented wastewater treatment in their crops to help reduce contamination of water sources. Treating wastewater from coffee processing also helps public health and considerably reduces the environmental impact of Colombia’s coffee-growing regions.