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Notes and Flavors:  Notes and Flavors: Medium-high acidity, medium-high body. Peppery fragrance and chili aroma. Flavors of black tea, red pepper, chili, red melon, red plum, and mint, especially sweet red fruit residual. A bean that reaches exceptional cups with perfect balance between sweetness, acidity, and balance.

Cupping Score: 90 points.


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100% Arábica. Varietals: PACAMARA
Process: Washed (48 hours of Fermentation)
Cupping Score: 90 points.
Altitude: 1.900 M.A.S.L.
Origin: Acevedo – Huila. (Single Origin).
Coffee Farmer: Wilmer Calderón – Farm: “Mirador de la Victoria.
Roasting: Medium.

PACAMARA | Super Exotic Nano Lot

The “Pacamara” variety is a result of crossing the Pacas and Maragogipe varieties. Pacas is a natural mutation that comes from the Bourbon variety, small in size with short internodes and compact foliage that helps it withstand difficult weather conditions such as strong winds, sunshine, and water scarcity. It is also disease-resistant, adapts to many growing conditions, and is highly productive.

Maragogipe is a mutation of the Typica variety. The trees are tall in size and produce some of the largest coffee seeds. Its productivity is not high but its cup quality is exceptional.

The idea behind the creation of the Pacamara Hybrid was to get the best of both varieties. It was named “Pacamara” to refer to the first four letters of each variety. The creation of the Pacamara variety required careful research that took 30 years, which was presented to growers in the late 1980s.

Characteristics of the Pacamara variety

The Pacamara variety normally has intense and complex aromas, a medium body with a creamy texture, and moderate acidity with flavors ranging from sweet notes of chocolate and butter to fruity nuances such as citrus, red fruits, and stone fruits.

The Pacamara tree is medium-sized with dense foliage, short internodes, and long leaves. Its fruits are also long and with a small protuberance. The seeds are loose and oval in shape.

The Pacamara is a variety with a lot of recognition and demanded all over the world, due to its distinctive flavor characteristics, which are not common, but very striking and easy to enchant.

It is undoubtedly a coffee that you have to taste. It is an exotic variety highly demanded in international markets.

It is cultivated in lands whose altitude ranges between 1000 and 2600 meters above sea level.

The plant has large, bronze-green leaves, and its dense foliage makes it wind-resistant. Its size is impressive to appreciate, as its grains measure an average of 0.90 centimeters long, 0.69 centimeters wide, and 0.36 centimeters thick.

Its high acidity, pronounced fragrance, its sweet, chocolatey, and persistent flavor on the palate, are the organoleptic characteristics that have captivated the most demanding coffee buyers around the world.