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Coffee Trailer

After several years of giving lectures, workshops, talks about specialty coffee, its benefits, its flavor, its natural sweetness and making known our selected varieties that people can buy in our online store. Many of our new FRIENDS asked me when we were going to have a physical point of sale where they could enjoy the varieties of specialty coffee from El AMIGO COFFEE in different preparation methods (Brewed, espresso, Artisan Pour Over, special infusions, etc). I always answered that we were going step by step, first we were already selling wholesale to different customers in the United States, we had a very complete and friendly online store and soon we would launch our physical store.

That’s how after 3 years in September 2023 we launched our physical store in a nice and conditioned Coffee Trailer, located at 8511 McPherson Rd, in Laredo – Texas.

This Coffee Trailer was completely designed by us, from the direction in the construction of the same, its graphic design, the adequacy of spaces, the purchase of machines and equipment to operate, the costly process of permits and licenses, insurance policies, etc.


We always opposed to operate it with a gasoline generator to not increase the expulsion of carbon dioxide to the environment and thus affect even more our planet, that is why our Coffee Trailer works completely with a hybrid solar energy system, 5 panels capture solar energy, an inverter converts it into electricity, a highpower lithium battery stores it and a propane generator supports it for optimal operation 24 hours a day.

In our Coffee Trailer we prepare the best specialty coffee in Colombia, different iced beverages with and without coffee like our famous Limonada Campesina of Colombian Granulated Panela and natural lemon (very iced) or the sweet and deep Café Montañero with Cinnamon, cloves and Granulated panela that will transport you to the flavors of childhood and let’s not forget the popular Iced lattes with different and exotic flavors like Raspberry and Hazelnut, and for the connoisseurs our spectacular espressos slowly extracted with caramelized and deep notes.

Our customers have discovered the best flavors in the different varieties of coffee where they are surprised when they enjoy the nutty or chocolate or red fruit notes in our Artisan Pour Over Coffee Methods.

Come to our Coffee Trailer! Remember: We are located at 8511 McPherson Rd. In Laredo – Texas and learn more about specialty and exotic coffee from Colombia, ask without shyness and solve your doubts, discover new natural flavors not artificial and learn more in EL AMIGO COFFEE.