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About El Amigo Coffee

EL AMIGO COFFEE is that small window that shows the world the best of Colombia’s unique and exotic coffees. Our mission is to share knowledge of the best of Colombia’s Specialty Gourmet Coffee and its most exquisite varieties. Like a good friend, EL AMIGO COFFEE wants to introduce you to an exceptional beverage. Our message carries pride for the work, expertise, and dedication of our coffee growers in the Colombian mountains who have always sought excellence in their coffee flavor. It is a great legacy, a long history of coffee production passed from generation to generation to preserve Colombian coffee as top-notch in the world.

EL AMIGO COFFEE has a commitment to the environment through sustainable farming and upholds the necessary responsibility to ensure an ethical coffee supply chain that begins at the small-scale farmer to the final consumer.

To guarantee exceptional freshness, we import a curated selection of the most complex and dynamic coffees in Colombia, seasonal harvests cultivated at the origin with devotion by experienced coffee growers who care for the land and value quality above all else.

Our coffee is full of fragrances, aromas, and flavors that will invigorate your senses. Indulge in a unique daily experience with our selection of distinctive & exotic coffees.

Our Coffee

100% Colombian | Single Origin | 100% Arabic
The aroma and flavor notes of a good cup of coffee can instantly transport you to memories of unforgettable moments that you shared with a loved one or a special friend. It is a déjà-vu born from your senses, a few drops of happiness that brighten your life. Coffee is that friend that is by your side through thick and thin; that is why our coffee categories are named in honor of friendship.
All our coffees are 100% Colombian, 100% Arabic, and Single-Origin. As its name indicates, it is coffee from a single origin or region. But in our case of specialty coffee, it means that it comes from a single farm or even a specific lot of the crop or micro-lot. All our coffees are grown, handpicked, and processed sustainably. Some of our varieties support societal processes in different regions of Colombia.

Master-roasters roast EL AMIGO COFFEE at the source at its most optimal and fresh point. We carefully fill the bags to preserve their intense flavor and aroma for longer. Our roasts are suitable for stovetop-style pots, coffee makers, French presses, and other contemporary methods!

Enjoy an authentic sensory experience. Whether you are a true connoisseur or simply someone who cannot function without this magnificent drink, you must try our exclusive single-origin coffees. This unparalleled experience will awaken all your senses in each sip. Kick-start your day with coffee of exceptional quality, full of flavor and freshness, and a powerful boost of energy.