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Notes and Flavors: Light to medium-high acidity, full-bodied, caramel citrus notes, red fruits, residual Panela. A bean that reaches cups with perfect sweetness, acidity, and balance.

Cupping Score: 85 points.


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Varietal: Arabic – Castillo
Process: Washed (72 hours of Fermentation)
Cupping Score: 85 points.
Altitude: 1.550 M.A.S.L.
Origin: Huila – Pitalito (Single Origin).
Coffee Farmer: Wilmer Calderón – Finca: La Victoria.
Roasting: Medium – Dark

Specialty Origin Gourmet Coffee

It is a coffee grown in the municipality of Pitalito (Pitalito is the largest producer of Specialty Coffee in Colombia) in the Department of Huila on the farm La Victoria, where the coffee grower takes meticulous care of the fermentation process, to extract the best fruit flavors with citrus notes obtaining an ideal balance of international quality.

Process Washed

In this process, water is needed to remove the pulp from the coffee beans. It is ideal to highlight the characteristic profile of a coffee of origin. It offers bright flavors with floral and fruity notes and a clean cup with a light body.

These are the steps for the washing process:

  1. The cherries are picked, sorted, and cleaned.
  2. Next, the pulp is separated from the husk of the coffee beans contained inside the cherry, which is called pulping and is carried out with a special machine called a pulping machine.
  3. The beans, now without the husk, are covered with a viscous substance called mucilage, which is completely removed by submerging the beans in fermentation tanks.
  4. It usually takes about 72 hours for the mucilage to be completely removed; it depends on the temperature and the thickness of the mucilage layer.
  5. The beans are dried in the ambient sun.