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It is one of the most famous Colombian slang words, especially in the Department of Antioquia and its surroundings, “parce” or “parcero/a”; a word whose meaning is more or less like “dude”, “bro” or “mate” in English (although it is not 100% equivalent, since “parce” can be used for both men and women). It is a word heard in almost every casual conversation among young Colombians. The term “parcero” is equivalent to “amiguero” or “simpático” / “someone who has many friends”. In our category “Parcero” you will find the classic flavors of Colombian Coffee, full-bodied beans with an unparalleled flavor.


A faithful friend with an unbreakable bond through distance and time. It includes a variety of washed coffees that have made Colombian coffee globally famous. Gourmet coffees of singular origin.

True Friend

Reliable friendship motivates us to be better people and listens to us when most needed. These are world-renowned coffee varieties, extraordinary exotic coffees, special batches with surprising high flavor notes, and high-level production processes.

Blood Brother

It is a tribute to that unbreakable oath between two friends as a sign of eternal brotherhood. The FINEST WORLD COFFEE in the international market and the most outstanding coffee of exotic varieties. Micro-lots with exclusive notes of superior flavor, highly refined production processes, therefore, high tasting qualification. This type of coffee is the jewel in the crown of coffees worldwide.

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