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Castillo Red Honey



Notes and Flavors: Medium acidity, medium body. The fragrance of banana with honey and fruity aroma. Flavors of red fruits, sweet apple, blackberry. Residual sweet mandarin and lime. Coffee beans that achieve a pronounced fruity sweetness and acidity with perfect balance in the cup.

Cupping score: 86 points.


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Varietal: 100% Arabic – Castillo
Process: Red Honey (72 hours of Fermentation)
Cupping score: 86 points.
Altitude: 1,600 meters above sea level
Origin: Pitalito – Huila. (Single Origin).
Coffee Producer: Wilmer Calderón – Farm: “La Victoria”.
Toasted: Medium.

Special and Exotic Coffee: It is a coffee grown in the town of Pitalito, Huila, on the “La Victoria” farm.

Red Honey coffee is distinguished by its delicate sweet and subtle notes of red fruits.

This Castillo variety coffee is produced through an elaborate fermentation process called “Honey” (after pulping the coffee, it is left with its mucilage in Fermentation for 72 hours and then dried), seeking to give complexity to the flavor of this coffee. . and adding a minimal pollution impact since this method does not use water.
Only Colombia’s most experienced coffee producers carry out these strategies in small batches to ensure high standards and distinctive freshness.