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Caturra Natural Coffee



Notes and Flavors: Bright subtle acidity, medium creamy body, tropical fruits, mango, peach, grapefruit residual, and sweet molasses. Coffee beans that manage to reach cups of excellence with perfect sweetness, acidity, and balance.

Cupping Score: 88.5 points.


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Varietal: Arabic – Red Caturra
Process: Natural (36 hours of Fermentation)
Cupping Score: 88.5 points
Altitude: 1.850 M.A.S.L.
Origin: Cundinamarca – Silvania. (Single Origin).
Coffee Farmer: Mario Patiño – Farm: “La Esperanza”.
Roasting: Medium.

Specialty & Exotic Coffee It is a coffee grown in the village of Silvania, Cundinamarca in Altos de Yayata, on the “La Esperanza” farm, where the coffee grower cares for the fermentation process meticulously to generate the best fruit flavors and a creamy body obtaining a perfect balance with international quality.

Natural Process

The natural process, also called dry-processed coffee, dry benefit, or natural benefit is a post-harvest process where the aim is to dry the grain only with air and exposure to the sun, without using equipment or water to remove the grains from the coffee cherry. To achieve this, the coffee cherry is dehydrated or dried whole without removing any of its parts, keeping it intact (it is not pulped) only giving good aeration and sun exposure for more than 30 days which allows for concentration of the sugars in the grain.
It also has an anaerobic fermentation of up to 36 hours and 7 selections.
This peculiar procedure gives place to a coffee with characteristic flavor notes with a high body, low acidity, and exotic flavors reminiscent of fine wine, chocolaty, and intensely fruity.
Only experienced coffee growers in Colombia carry out these processes in limited batches to ensure exceptional quality and freshness.