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Specialty coffee is considered better than commercial coffee for several reasons:

Quality of the Beans

Specialty Coffee is made from high-quality coffee beans that have been carefully selected and grown under ideal conditions. These beans have a more complex and attractive flavor than commercial coffee beans, which are often grown on large plantations and harvested mechanically.

Custom Roasting

Specialty coffee is roasted in smaller batches and roasted according to the roaster´s desired flavor profile. This allows for greater customization of the coffee’s flavor and aroma, which is not possible in commercial coffee, which is often roasted very high in large quantities and blended to achieve a uniform consistency.


Specialty coffee is usually roasted at medium temperature and packaged in small quantities, which ensures that the coffee remains fresh and with optimal flavor for a longer period of time. Commercial coffee is usually roasted very high, usually ground to eliminate traces of pests, diseases, fungi, and poor drying, and packaged in large quantities, which can cause the coffee to become stale and lose its flavor and aroma in a short period of time.


Most specialty coffees are sourced through sustainable fair trade and organic farming practices. This means that a fair price is paid to coffee producers and promotes social and environmental well-being in the communities where the coffee is grown.

In short, specialty coffee is considered better than commercial coffee for bean quality, custom roasting, freshness, and sustainability.