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The Colombian Coffee Variety Supremo is also known as: “The King of the Milds”, it is a smooth coffee, very aromatic with fruity notes and certain acidity (that is not bitterness), this variety has been the one that has given the renown and reputation to Colombian Coffee in it you will find the classic flavors of Colombian Coffee, beans with enough body and unequaled flavor.

The perfect balance between the light body and acidity makes it an ‘easy’ coffee to enjoy both for a newcomer to the world of coffee as well as for the most experienced palate.

Its cultivation in the high peaks of the Colombian Andes and on volcanic soils are responsible for its great aromatic nuances. Harvested manually in farms up to 2000mts of altitude, Colombia Supremo coffee is cultivated in different coffee-growing regions of Colombia, which offer ideal climatic and soil conditions for the cultivation of coffee. These regions include Antioquia, Valle del Cauca, Quindío, and Risaralda, among others.

With a perfumed aroma of white flowers, the flavor profile of Colombia Supremo coffee is usually balanced, with notes of nuts, chocolate, caramel, and ripe fruits. It is characterized by its bright and pleasant acidity, medium to full body, and a generally consistent quality in each cup. Most notable is its pronounced aroma, which unfolds profusely during brewing.

The Colombia Supremo variety is considered a quality classification for coffee beans that meet certain specific standards.

The term “Supremo” is used to describe large coffee beans, as coffee beans are classified according to their size and shape. In general, Supremo coffee beans are larger than regular beans and are considered to be of higher quality due to their maturity and more pronounced flavor.

Colombian Supremo coffee is highly appreciated in the international market and is used in the preparation of diverse beverages, such as espresso, filtered coffee, and specialty coffee. It is recognized for its smoothness and distinctive flavor, which makes it a popular choice for coffee lovers around the world.