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EL AMIGO COFFEE is that small window that shows the world the best of Colombia’s unique and exotic coffees. Our mission is to share knowledge of the best of Colombia’s Specialty Gourmet Coffee and its most exquisite varieties. Like a good friend, EL AMIGO COFFEE wants to introduce you to an exceptional beverage. Our message carries pride for the work, expertise, and dedication of our coffee growers in the Colombian mountains who have always sought excellence in their coffee flavor. It is a great legacy, a long history of coffee production passed from generation to generation to preserve Colombian coffee as top-notch in the world.

El Amigo Coffee Brands

A faithful friend with an unbreakable bond through distance and time. It includes a variety of washed coffees that have made Colombian coffee globally famous. Gourmet coffees of singular origin.
Reliable friendship motivates us to be better people and listens to us when most needed. These are world-renowned coffee varieties, extraordinary exotic coffees, special batches with surprising high flavor notes, and high-level production processes.

It is a tribute to that unbreakable oath between two friends as a sign of eternal brotherhood. The FINEST WORLD COFFEE in the international market and the most outstanding coffee of exotic varieties. Micro-lots with exclusive notes of superior flavor, highly refined production processes, therefore, high tasting qualification. This type of coffee is the jewel in the crown of coffees worldwide.

El Amigo Coffee Blog

Learn more about our coffee varieties through their distinctive brands, their different production methods, and familiarize yourself with the coffee we love to bring to your home.


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